3 Ways to Beat the Casino When Playing Slot Game Online

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Playing online casino games is not complete without playing slot machine. It is as fun as the other casino games while less strategy needed. If you can win the slot game, you can also win a big amount of money just like the other casino game. So, there is no doubt that casino players choose slot machine instead of the other casino games. Let’s take a look at 3 Ways to Beat the Casino When Playing Slot Game Online because it will be very helpful for you, slot players.

3 Ways to Beat the Casino When Playing Slot Game Online

3 Ways to Beat the Casino When Playing Slot Game Online
3 Ways to Beat the Casino When Playing Slot Game Online

Be Smart with Your Money

The first way is managing your money well. In order to manage your money well, you may follow these tips.

  1. Research Slot Payouts

There are several websites which shows the payout percentages of the slot machines in different casinos while the real casino does not have this information. You should choose the slot machines which have the highest percentage of the payout to increase the odds of winning the game.

  1. Know your Limit

It is important to know your limit by setting your lose limit and double your money amount before playing the game. If you win, you should stop when the initial amount is doubled while if you lose, you should stop when reaching your limit.

Have a Strategy

Playing slot machines does not require full-strategy but does not mean that you cannot use your own strategy. You may follow these strategies in order to beat your rival.

  1. Choose Machines with Smallest Jackpots

If the jackpot is big, it will be hard to hit the jackpot and win the money. So, it is better to choose slot machines with smaller jackpot. In this case, you should double check again the maximum jackpot of the machine because the same machines may require different payout.

  1. Play the Highest Denomination Possible

If you want to beat others, you should play with the highest denomination that you are able to afford. It can be said that dollar machines will pay higher than the quarter machines.

Get to Know Your Slot Machine

Knowing the slot machine and how you will play is also necessary so that you can beat your rivals in playing online slot game.

  1. Pick a Reel-Spinning Slot or Video Slot

Reel-spinning slot has three or five reels which have imprinted symbols. There will be 22 symbols or stop in each reel. The winner is those who can match the symbols in same combination. Meanwhile, video slots have up to seven reels which represents five symbols in three rows. It has 32 to hundreds virtual stops on the reel.

  1. Place your Bet

In placing the bet, the type is different based on the machine. In reel-spinning slots use play one credit but if you want to have bigger bet, you can place it by choosing play max credits. Meanwhile, the video slots, you need to use two buttons to complete the betting.

If you want to beat the casino, you may follow those three ways to beat the casino when playing slot game online. It also increase your chance to win big.

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