Malaysia’s Special Anniversary Daily Reward Point

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Are you one of the gamblers that wants to get the winnings and exciting bonuses? Enter at Malaysia website to see lots of features and the new Malaysia’s Special Anniversary Daily Reward Point. Malaysia QQGROUP is celebrating their 5th year anniversary in this month of November, that’s why this website giving the gamblers more winnings.

Malaysia’s Special Anniversary Daily Reward Point

Malaysia’s Special Anniversary Daily Reward Point
Malaysia’s Special Anniversary Daily Reward Point

Malaysia website can be your ultimate partner to play selected and different variety to win huge bonuses and rewards. Aside from different promotions and rewards, this leading website also offers online players the fun, friendly and safe environment. With all said, when it comes to exciting rewards, qq882 Malaysia website is very generous for that. Actually, there is one reward point bonus for this anniversary special.

First 3 Lucky Winners of Daily Reward Point

There are interesting daily reward that can offer by this website, you know why? Because the first 3 bettors that can win in their play can have this special anniversary reward. The 1st winner will be having 2,400 MYR the 2nd winner can have 1,440 MYR and for the 3rd winner is 960 MYR. Go try to play in this website and get the first spot every day to win this exciting daily reward bonus.

Consolation Daily Rewards

Even if you are not getting the spot to win the first 3 lucky winners, you don’t have to worry about. 500 members of this website who’s get the winnings in their game can win the consolation prize. 14,000 MYR will be divided to those 500 members. The total monthly prize of this special anniversary daily reward is up to MYR 420,000. Interesting right? Enter at this Malaysia website and get the chance to experience those winnings.


For those gamblers who are very curious and interested in this Malaysia’s Special Anniversary Daily Reward Point. It is your time to become instant millionaire. QQ882 Malaysia website is the best website that can provide and guarantee your winning chance in every play that you take. This site is very grateful for the loyalty of customer these past few years, that’s why they give special anniversary daily reward. Visit this to get updated to the upcoming promotions.

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